To Boldly go……

Space. The last frontier….or our next endeavour. This year marks the 60th aniversary of the first sucessful launch into orbit. On 4th October 1957 Sputnik 1 was launched by the soviets. Since then, the advances has been fast during the first two decades, to fade into a more normal pace during the following years.

The noises about returning to the Moon or tho colonize Mars are growing. The fact that private entrepreneurs jump to the space race could add some color to this, …

But really are we prepared to support, as a society, the effort to colonize our Solar System??

Are we ready to start allocating hughe resources to jump from one plane civilization to a solar system one?

And finally, are we ready to start seriously thinking about a journey beyond our beloved Solar System?

This info graph shows the exploration effort in our Solar system… Lets see this in a couple of decades, including the permanent colonies….


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